About Adams Cleaning Contractors Ltd

Adams Cleaning Contractors Ltd was formed in 1985 as a partnership with two employees having already had over 20 years experience in commercial cleaning.

Our emphasis was, and continues to be to provide quality services and reliability to our customers.

Our window cleaning teams currently clean very large single sites, university campuses, office blocks etc. and customers' multi sites including single small portable / temporary buildings.

Our window cleaning teams use the latest pure water systems and water fed poles. This enables most work to be carried out from the ground, thereby minimizing the use of ladders. However, when necessary ladders, powered platforms, cradle and abseil services can be safely provided.

Another branch of our business services holiday parks, where we clean venues on a daily basis and pre-season. We also clean holiday accommodation - changeover and pre-season.

Whether window cleaning holiday parks or office cleaning, our company ethos has always been to provide customers with a quality service ensuring that all services complies with agreed standards and provide employees with a fulfilling and worthwhile employment.

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Adams Cleaning Contractors Ltd